Hotspots in 360 photo dome

I tried 360 vitrual tour with 360 photo dome but i need some hotspots within that 360 view. By clicking that hotspots i want to teleportion the views for virtual tour like house tour, resort tour. If anybody knows let me know thankyou.

Hello and welcome!

This thread may be helpful - Linking items to photo/video dome


Thank you labris but I need to know how to add button in particular area in 360 photodome and it shouldn’t move anywhere while rotating the scene.

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How about something like this, based off of the PG in the thread that labris linked? Explore 3D photo environments | Babylon.js Playground (

Obviously there’s a lot more you could do here, like changing the position of the button when you move to a different scene, or adding some kind of transition effect. But does this work as a solution to your question?


Thanks @DarraghBurke It’s solved now.