How big is the GLTF Bounding Box?

Exporting gltf from 3D Max shows that the bounding box is inconsistent with mesh size

1 meter of 3d max equals 2000 units of babylon? How to make it 1 meter equals 1 unit

@ Deltakosh

Could you please share your asset ?

cc @PatrickRyan to help with the tooling and @bghgary for the gltf part.

By convention GLTF is actually 1 unit is 1 meter.

Have your reset your transforms/scales/xform on your mesh?

@PatrickRyan @bghgary
Hi, guys. I am a friend of zhang.
Asset Link:!AszhOE3w2D6qhySVAznTPrClx0H5

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@zhang and @Liang, thank you for sharing the glTF file. When I open the glTF in the sandbox, always my first test, the bounding box looks reasonable.

Is there any way you can share a playground with the issue so we can determine what is happening? My guess is that it isn’t anything in the export pipeline but may be something happening on import in your scene. Thanks for the help!

How to put the model on the playground?

How to put the model on the playground

I reduced my model by 1000 times to be the same as a 1 unit box.

@zhang/@Liang, can you share the source Max file?