How can cargo load adjustment can be implemented in BabylonJS?

Sorry, I’m quite new for 3D, BabylonJS or gaming. I wonder how I can use BabylonJS to implement cargo load adjustment like this: Manual load plan adjustments - YouTube
Can you please help to give me some hints, clues to implement it
I already tried to use drag & drop in babylonJS but I have a problem on moving package on Y axis. It can be arranged on X axis, but could not put package above another
Thank you so much

Hey! and welcome

We will need some kind of repro to see what you are struggling with :slight_smile:
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Thank you for your reply
I was trying on this:
The issue right now is that, I could not figure out how to allow user to place package on another one. I just wonder if I need to switch this scene into 2D in order to allow that
Thank you so much

Oh I see so it is not really a tech question but more a general algorithm/app design question.

3D in that case could be tricky for your user for sure. I bet the 2D idea could be interesting (you can simulate it with an OrthographicCamera)