How can I adjust the clip plane position when the model it is not in the center

Hello everyone

I am using the clip plane to cut the model , my PG is work when I am in the (0,0,0) point but when I go to the any position I have problem to adjust my clip plane.

here is my PG at. point zero :
which is work good.

and Here is my PG at point (1000,1000,1000) :
which have problem with clip plane position.

how can I solve this problem?

Hi @Arash_Bagheri

Please check my PG:

  1. You shouldn’t increase the value range of slider. If the clip plane moves between -100 - 100. The range it moves should be the same no matter where its positioned.
  1. The plane needs to be shifted by (1000, 1000, 1000) after you update the clip plane.
  2. When you update clipPlane.d, you need to take into fact that the box is shifted by 1000 as well.

Hi @slin

Thank you so much for your helping and your time. :pray: :pray: :pray: