Export To Babylon.js


The demonstration case in this link is using the Unity3d plugin Export To Babylon.js, the plugin exports the scene in Unity3d to Babylon.js, the plugin link address is
Export To Babylon.js | Modeling | Unity Asset Store


Amazing! That’s so cool! :muscle:

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Woot! quite impressive

cc @MackeyK24 / @PirateJC

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Welcome to the Babylon community :slight_smile: This is some of the most beautiful work I’ve seen on here. I’d love to see more!

Now I wonder if i should have charged for my Pro features :slight_smile:


@LucasEvan welcome to the Babylon Family! This is awesome! Gorgeous stuff!

As a pirate, this one is my fave:

Only thing we’re missing is treasure! LOL

Any objection to me adding this to the community web page?

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It is a great honor to add to community web page, and we will add another case, for example, babylon.js with Mapbox and babylon.js with secium.js.

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This is awesome! Great job @LucasEvan!


Just added it.

It will be live on our community page in a few minutes:

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The Export To Babylon .js plugin now supports babylon.js version 5.0.0.


yes this is super cool!