How can I get shaderMaterial output texture

I have encountered some problems.
I want to implement a function of graffiti on complex models,
so I think I should record the last shaderMaterial rendering result texture. This result texture should record each pixel’s RGBA information and and be used next time.
I found some instances below, but it doesn’t seem feasible:

I am not sure to understand what you are trying to do.

Please, describe your use case and we could think about the best way to do it ?

Is this PG close to your needs ?

Sorry, maybe I didn’t express clearly.
The model has its own uv map as shown below, I want to get the texture processed by ShaderMaterial, This texture should be based on uv map.

I learned that Post Processes is bound to the camera, as follows:

but I want a texture based on model,like UV map, as follows:
How can I get ShaderMaterial rendered texture like that?

I see this demo, but I want to use a shader to update DynamicTexture. How can I do it?

Maybe what you want is a UV map after ’painted‘ ?

the ‘painted’ means rendered by babylon

You are looking into a procedural texture in Babylonjs Procedural Textures | Babylon.js Documentation

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