How can I have an animation for camera when change the set target?

Hello everyone

In my model there is the height map, and it can get any position on map as a camera target (with the aid of double click on it). but when I want to set a new target the camera suddenly change the position, how can i make an animation for moving the camera?

here is my PG:

use GSAP ( greensock animation package ) the best javascript interpolation/tweening engine out there

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Hi @shaderbytes
Thank you so much for answering to my question.

is it possible to use this engine for camera animation in babylonJS?

it is javascript and can interpolate any javascript value :wink:

just understand what interpolation is first , it is simply taking a start value and changing it to a end value over time. how it changes this value over time is pushed through a special function known as “easing”

Linear easing means a stead constant movement. “ease in” means starts slow and speeds up, they have many different easing functions to choose from.

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Thank you so much for your helping, I am going to learn about it and use it. :pray: :pray:

here is a working version of your playground just to show you :

Small set up to import the CDN in the playground and wait for it to load for use , wont be the same in production code , anyay to the point that matters this one line :,1,{x:evt.pickInfo.pickedPoint.x,y:evt.pickInfo.pickedPoint.y,z:evt.pickInfo.pickedPoint.z})


OMG, its great. Thanks a lot. its so goood. :pray: :pray: :pray:
Thank you so so much.

Hahaha! @Arash_Bagheri That’s pretty much how I feel every time I ask question on this forum! Amazing library backed by amazing community!