How can I make photodoom's zoom function the same as Google StreetView?

Here is a panoramic view using the common ArcRotateCamera.

The mouse wheel zooms in and out by changing its radius. At this time, the background is distorted.

Google street view and panolens do not seem to distort because they are implemented to change fov when zooming in and out.

Has anyone tried to change the fov with the scroll wheel in ArcRotateCamera as well?

I tried rewriting it once with mousewheel.detachControl();, but I had to write inputs in HammerJs for pinch gestures on mobile devices, which was a pain.

Here is a starting point :slight_smile:

360 | Babylon.js Playground (

Now you need to add the dual-pointer-down event to allow pinching. but wheelmap is working as expected

Thanks for the reply.

For those watching this thread, I’ll leave the implementation with the pinch operation added on mobile devices.