Stairs Collision Tester - A PG to test non-physics collisions

Dear fellow BJSers,

I’d like to present here my first-version PG of a utility tool to quickly test on simple camera collision (non-physics) in particular in regards to climbing stairs or even simple small meshes like planks or small rocks.

It appeared to me that the simple mesh collision with the ellipsoid of the camera does not provide a satisfactory result when climbing on small objects and is even worse when climbing stairs. Due to the 90° collision with the steps and a number of other parameters, the bumps created when the camera moves on a new height is really hard. This odd feeling of ‘jumping on steps’ increases with more speed.

Whilst trying to work this part for one of my project, I thought “Why not make it an editable and share it with you Guys”. Of course, you can tweek and try things with code but it takes time to find the correct settings.

As @labris and @Cedric both pointed out in a recent post about this topic, there are a number of parameters which all (and altogether) have an influence. The goal of this PG is to let you play with these parameter and try’em out with a little bit less pain (hopefully).

Let me know if you find any interest in this and if you’d like me to amend parts or add new ones.
Hope this can help anyone making better camera collisions on objects like stairs.

Please also share your personal experience with collision here and of course, if you have any insight on how to improve it (using the navmesh method or another method), please do not hesitate to share it here with me and the Community.

Meanwhile, have a great day :sunglasses:


nice work @mawa !!!
This should be part of the doc @PirateJC

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As always you’re a champion of giving back to the community :heart:

Hey @mawa would you have any interest in documenting this in our “Community Extensions” section?

If you think it’s valuable enough to be there, I am sure ready to give it a try.