Camera gravity and slope collisions

Hello :slightly_smiling_face:
I am having some issues with gravity and collisions with a slopped mesh.
I’ve found this topic (link bellow) which helped however i can’t seem to get it working. What i took from it is that collision with low height objects is to be avoided. However i dont think i can avoid it, instead, as mentioned in the topic’s solution i tried to tinker with the ‘engine.collisionsEpsilon’ property (lowering it). It had no effect at all, this clip was recorded with epsilon at 0 and nothing changed :confused:

Before mentioned topic: Gravity only affects camera when moving - Bugs - Babylon.js

Note: babylonjs debugger records to webm but the forum only allows mp4? xD

Pinging @RaananW but please provide a PG

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I was trying to do that but was having a hard time importing noise file to playground.
Finally did it, it will throw an error when loading PG but if you hit run it will work!

So! quickly fixed the run issue - (async createFunction), I will look into the issue itself very soon :slight_smile:

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A better version with the correct way to use engine’s collisionEpsilon:

I also increase (a lot) the camera’s ellipsoid. The collision detection was programmed with steps in mind, and as this slope is very steam it takes it as a stair. In this case it requires the “stair” to have a maximum height relative to the camera’s ellipsoid, and this is why this demo works. I will see if I can find some configuration value that will allow you to set it dynamically instead of having it fixed in the code. I need to dig a bit :slight_smile:

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Ok, thanks for spending your time helping me :slight_smile:
If you find something please let me know, in the meanwhile i will try to make the slope less steam as a workaround because i really didn’t want the camera ellipsoid so big xD

You can also play with the gravity -

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That works great! I changed it to -0.5 and it behaves just like i wanted!
Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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