How can I remove the "Babylon attributes" from a 3dsmax scene?

How can I remove the “Babylon attributes” from a 3dsmax scene?

ping @PatrickRyan

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You would need to uninstall the plugin with the uninstall button in the installer.

Already did that, but the properties keep showing up in the materials:

And they keep being exported inside a FBX, and that FBX keeps showing warnings when imported into Maya:

w0000t this is strange as without the dlls, it should not be in here at all Adding @Guillaume_Pelletier to double check with you.

Even after reinstalling and Uninstalling again:

those properties keep showing up when loading the scene.

If I create a new material the “Babylon Attributes” do not show up, but if I load scene made when it was installed, they do.

I guess those Attributes are saved as some kind of “custom attributes”. The thing is, how to clean them up now without having to redo every single material in the scene?

Ok at least it makes more sense to me, and @Guillaume_Pelletier might have a trick for it.

Hey guys,
Attributes are on additional nodes. You may deletes these nodes within graph editor.

In 3dsMax? which “Graph Editor”?

I don’t see any option to delete the Attributes:

And in any case… would that mean having to delete them one by one for the whole scene? why isn’t there a proper way to clean a scene of this garbage?

Sorry, i was working on Maya 2022 when i readed the topic.:slight_smile: .In max, custom attributes are attached with the object itself at creation time. I do not Know menus to remove these att. You may remove it using a short script.

Ah, damn. I don’t know how to make such a script. This kind of stuff should be included in Babylon software.

I understand your point, but this is an open source project, then yourself or any related are very welcome to help us to find a clever way to take out the garbages.

in the mean time, You may try the following scripts i made for you.

viewNode = sme.GetView (sme.activeView)
n = viewNode.GetSelectedNodes()
l = n.count
for i = 1 to l do ( att = n[i].reference.custAttributes["Babylon Attributes"]; if att != undefined then( deleteItem n[i].reference.custAttributes 1 ) )

hope this help.

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We’ve created an issue for this on the repo: Custom attributes should not be written by default · Issue #996 · BabylonJS/Exporters (

Thanks for the help. Really appreciate it.

This is the result I get with your script:

– Unable to convert: undefined to type: Integer
– MAXScript callstack:
– thread data: threadID:21884

– [stack level: 0]
– In top-level

As i understand, you are copy/paste the code into script listener . Script listener editor panel is designed to process one line only. You might save the script into a file and use the « run script » menu.

I get the same error using the Script Listener. And a “-- Unknown property: “selectAll” is undefined” error dialog when running the script saved as a .ms file.

Open the Slate Material Editor before running the script. This is a very basic script to make a quick fix so it suffer from some constraints. will provide a more robust one soon.

I made a better script which open the editor if close (447 Bytes)
Work on Max2021, did not test with others versions.
Uninstall Babylon Exporter before running it.

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