Export custom Attributes from Maya

Is there any way to export custom Attributes from Maya with the Babylon Exporter?

In maya you can asssign Attributes to objects.
We would like to assign a lightmap Attribute to connect later the lightmap texture to the right shader.

If needed i could provide a scene showing what we like todo.


We would create a slider to change the uvset and hook up the lightmap in those attribute.

Here is the script to create the slider on a new created cube.

addAttr -ln "lm"  -at float3 -uac |pCube1;
  addAttr -ln "lmX"  -at "float" -p lm  |pCube1;
  addAttr -ln "lmY"  -at "float" -p lm  |pCube1;
  addAttr -ln "lmZ"  -at "float" -p lm  |pCube1;

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Please create an issue for that idea here: GitHub - BabylonJS/Exporters: Exporters for Babylon.js and gltf file formats

@drigax fyi

Here is a maya scene with lightmaps assigned to the custom Attribute mentioned above.
rgb_lm.zip (460.2 KB)

If its easier to implement if we use one non used texture slot of the Arnold surface shader we could also go that route. Please ping me if there is interest to discuss this ideas further.

We need a simple way to get lightmaps from maya to babylon.

We have a lot to implement regarding Maya but yeah definitely see an interest.
Feel free to contribute if you can. Because we already have a lot to do with exporters