Duplicate Babylon Attributes added to materials with newest exporter

Hi guys!

So having used an October build for a while, I just got the latest Babylon exporter for 3ds max. Before I got the latest exporter I already had Babylon Attributes on some of my materials. I noticed with the latest version of the exporter there are now nearly duplicate copies of Babylon’s custom attribute in the mentioned materials.

Is there a way to remove the deprecated attributes so I only have the newest version of the Babylon AttributesDupedAttributes ?


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Pinging the master of exporters. @Drigax

No, I don’t have a script to auto-remove the old properties. If you create one, feel free to share.

Ok Thanks!

Hi Guys. Well I created a simple generic script to remove custom attributes on any material selected, even a sub material on a Multi/Sub-Object. Funny but I had a really hard time trying to get the parameter editor to remove custom attributes on my materials so I decided it would be better to use a script. There’s no major logic…just removes custom attributes sequentially if you choose ‘one at a time’ or all if you choose ‘all’ You just have to select the material slot in question in the material editor before pushing ‘GO!’. I am sure that someone could improve this so feel free to share/edit :slight_smile: RemoveCustomMatAttributes_JDP.zip (688 Bytes)

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