How can I split a glb model into all parts?

I am searching for a way to implement the same functionality as autodesk forge provides to split a 3d model into all available parts and zoom into them. Example is here: Forge | RCDB
Is there maybe an example of such a function?

The format or tool does not matter, it depends how the 3D file is authored. The 3D file/model has to have all the various sections of geometry already separated into known scene objects. This is the only way for any tool to target them individually and move them appropriately.

Without the file having been authored like this , how do you expect a tool, any tool, to understand what sections of geometry are meant to be treated as a collective part?

GLB files support objects so if the file was authored for this type of granular control then it would be possible to target those objects and move them.

If you have such a file , then exploding the parts could use a generic movement system and move each part along a certain axis , that would also mean the objects need to have the same system of baked rotations so that such code could work.

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Hi @hannesvieider and welcome to the community!

You may also want to look at MeshExploder, which does something like what what you are describing Exploding Meshes | Babylon.js Documentation


thank you very much. I wasn’t able to find that function on my own, but exactly that was the thing I was looking for =)