How can this be made without a normal height map texture?

Is it possible to make this parallax hole without a texture map? Here’s what I have so far
Babylon.js Node Material Editor (, I tried combining the normal generated by the height back with the height but it’s not working.

The first example is using the normal height map, the second is with height to normal.

You are using parallax occlusion, and this can work only when it is a texture block which is connected to PerturbNormal.normalMapColor because this technique needs to sample multiple times into the texture for each pixel.

Note that you should connect something to the HeightToNormal.worldTangent input, else the block is invalid (see the console log of the browser). By doing so, you will get a correct normal from HeightToNormal.output, no need to lerp with a (0.5,0.5,1) color. But as explained above, you will still not be able to do parallax occlusion, only standard parallax (by connection something to PerturbNormal.parallaxHeight and unchecking Use parallax occlusion on the block).

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