[NME] HeightToNormal does not generate normals correctly

I currently have a set of textures where I have height maps rather than normal maps, and saw that NME has a HeightToNormal converter. However, when I try using it it doesn’t appear to be generating the normal map I expect.

I have a minimal repro below where I attempt to generate a normal from my height map and use that output as a regular texture on a block to visually verify. Am I wrong to try to view the output in that manner or is this a bug with the converter? Am I providing the correct inputs to HeightToNormal?

I expect a texture that looks like:

This feature is still under development and we need to check it more
Let me add @Evgeni_Popov as I hope he can have a look soon :slight_smile:

Try to use a “Linear & Linear Mip” sampling mode for the texture, that should help.

Also, the heightmap texture is quite small, you should try with bigger textures.

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Ah, yup, Linear & Linear Mip for the height map texture gives me something that looks much more like I expect.

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@ShaneL There was a small bug in the HeightToNormal block and we improved the block a bit. See: