How do I actually *make* a .babylon file?

After looking around all over the place, I have not found any information about how to create a .babylon file. Is there any official documentation on this? There certainly is official documentation on reading .babylon files, as well as documentation outlining everything that goes into a .babylon file, but where is the documentation on creating them?

The playground exporter just exports a .zip file for me (no .babylon file format to be seen) and the particle exporter exports a .json (I know that .babylon is a type of .json but this doesn’t help me.)

[EDIT] I figured this out, but I still have not found the documentation on this:

In the babylon JS playground:

  • open the inspector
  • click the wrench icon (this is the part that I did not know)
  • scroll down to “SCENE EXPORT” and there’s an “Export to Babylon” button.

That’s how to do it. I’ll even link to the relevant documentation that points this out, if it can be found. (searching the docs for “export to babylon” yields a ton of export information for external programs, but nothing about the playground, from what I can tell. Shouldn’t that be the most important, primary maker of .babylon files and, thus, the first result on this page? Is it even on that page?)

This format is created by the scene serializer: