Updated .babylon file format

Hi, is there anywhere I can find an updated example of the .babylon file structure?

how about this -
https://doc.babylonjs.com › resources › file_format_map_(.babylon)

That is the one I used before that gave me errors, which I made a forum post about here: SceneLoader.Append() with .babylon file not loading lights or textures

Oh! Sorry :slight_smile:
So, as @sebavan said, it requires doc update. will happen soon.

If I may ask - How do you export the .babylon file? or are you creating it on your own? The newest exporters are always updated and export the right file format.

I copy-pasted the code from the documentation and stored it in a text file that I just called “test.babylon”. Is that a valid way of building the file?

Actually you can open any .babylon file with text editor.
For example, file “babylonJS_logo_v3.babylon” from Available Meshes to Import - Babylon.js Documentation will look like this:

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Right, that makes sense. I guess I’m confused about if the bug from my previous post is code-related or if it’s related to the format of the .babylon file being out of date.

I think the doc is up to date (@sebavan fixed it)

Thanks for the quick response! I still get the same error though:

Just guessing, but in-order to run that example, wouldn’t you also need to have the files:

  • Metal1.png
  • concrete5.png
  • violons11.wav

Do you mind reproducing it in the PG?

I took @JCPalmer’s and took out the textures from my babylon file and I think that fixed that issue. Thanks for pointing that out, I’m not sure why I thought the textures were default babylon ones.


@Deltakosh here is a playground reflecting these changes, the console contains these errors still:

I’m not sure what the error message means.

OK bug found :slight_smile:
thanks a lot for your patience

I’ll fix it for next nightly


No problem, thank you for the help! This community is great.

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