How do I set the GlowLayer blurKernel X and Y to different values?

In my VR headset the MirrorTexture and GlowLayer blurs appear half as wide as on a single 2D screen. This is ok for the MirrorTexture class because it has separate blurKernelX and blurKernelY properties for correcting the blur width when entering VR, but the GlowLayer class does not have separate properties for the blur X and Y. Is there another way to set the GlowLayer blur X and Y to different values?

GlowLayer on 2D screen is normal width…

GlowLayer in VR is half the normal width…

Pinging @sebavan

In this case I would recommend to set the mainTextureFixedSize in the option providing a blur size independant from the screen. would that work for you ?


Yes this works. Thank you!