GlowLayer's kernelBlurSize is reset on canvas resize

If you set the blurKernelSize of a GlowLayer after it’s created then when the canvas is resized the blurKernelSize is reset to the value specified in the constructor options. This playground shows the issue if you resize the window.

PS: I think I see a simple fix thou, so I’ll make a little PR for it or report back if it doesn’t pan out. :slight_smile:

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Heya @sebavan, so I’ve been trying out the GlowLayer’s refactored code for setting blurKernelSize and noticed a few hiccups from the newly merged PR.

When using the blurKernelSize setter the GlowLayer produces half as much blur as it used to… And the value returned by the getter is half the value passed to the setter, which breaks the ability to animate the blurKernelSize property.

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ohhh let me fix it ASAP.

Yes but it is aligned with the constructor value for consistency as they were quite different before which was a bug :frowning:

At least now, in and out values will be the same.


Excellent, I actually love the consistency fix! Just double checking you meant to do that. :slight_smile: :beers: