GlowLayer does not take into account ScreenRatio

so if you notice here, the glowlayer should be circles, not parabolas.

It’s directly controlled by the ratio of the scene it looks like.

Pinging @sebavan

@Pryme8 can you create a small PG repro please ?

It should normally work and take it in account.

I will tomorrow morning for you, it might be present in that last scene we were working on with the paper.

Id have to be on my computer to test.

Np that is perfect, thx.

@sebavan Were you able to find anything out? Ur a busy man so no problem if not.

I am not able to repro unfortunately :frowning:

Here you go:

If you slide the playground size left and right you will see them change shape and not be circles.

This is because you should a fixed size for the rendertarget 1024. You could instead chose a ratio from the main scene:

ahh gotcha, I missed that when I was doing the glow layer and just kept skipping over that line for some reason. Ha thanks!