How does CubeTexture load base64 url or File format image

Here is a question, our system has no static source system, because any request need to be authenticated, so I need to use ajax to get file content from backend, Texture api has a method that could load bufferarray, but CubeTexture api doesn’t seem to have method like that, how does CubeTexture load image whose format is alike base64 url or File object or bufferarray?

Hello! this is not yet supported as cubetextures created from 6 different files cannot just be loaded from a single arraybuffer

but this should work the same way a regular texture works if you are using .env or .dds file

Thank you, I’ll try to import env file.

Excuse me, I tried what you said these days, but I still can’t find any api that could load the arraybuffer of env file or dds file, could you please tell me which api could load arraybuffer as cudebox texture. I tried to load arraybuffer of env file with api Texture.LoadFromDataString, but the result is not what I expected, just like this:

Can you repro on the Playground? I will show you then :wink:

I’m sorry, there was something wrong happened to my network, I could not connect to playground last days.
Here is the example I tried in playground, could you please help me to find out how to load CubeTexture from buffer array with env or dds format file:
Thank you very much!

You could use a blob url ???


Thanks for your help! :grin: