How long does it take to learn babylonjs?

Hi, how are you, I’m thinking about using babylonjs to make a project, the project needs to be done in a short time, so learning time is important, how long on average do you think it’s possible to learn babylonjs


There is too much to unpack with a question like this (Very broad and coarse). My advice is just start prototyping and see where that gets you…

Time to learn != time to build a project.

I’ve been playing with babylon for 3 days now, and am getting a handle on some bits of it. The docs being very good is a massive boon.


You need exactly 3 hours 14 minutes and 15 seconds! :wink:

No, the answer to the question depends on

  • how fast you can learn
  • how quickly you can be helped on this forum and it is high-speed help
  • what you intend to do

Much more important is the question (for me) will I enjoy working with babylon.js and there I can definitely answer with a clear shiny “yes”… Time is not the problem. The way is the goal.

To answer your question a little more precisely. I would describe my project in more detail. Maybe someone has already done something in this direction and can give you a hint where you can find something open source.


@Necips The project is a generator of biomes, the project must show how the climate and other factors influence the formation of biomes in the world, it is a project for my school and needs to be ready by the end of the year.

Hi @fill_Rect, it sounds the dynamic terrain can help you to visualize a terrain with different colors to visualize the climate factors:

Do you work with a request to a known server to obtain these data?


@Necips Yes. I gather all the data needed for the project on a server, including climates, animals, vegetation and ecosystems.

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First, welcome to the Babylon Community! Like others have said this is a very interesting and loaded question. Like any topic you, you can spend hundreds of hours studying a topic and still be learning new things every day.

That being said you have a couple of good things on your side.

  1. We have this awesome forum which you have found! :smiley: Feel free to ask away in questions when you’re stuck. I think we have a pretty awesome community which is my favorite part about working on the platform!

  2. We also have lots of documentation. Don’t forget the forum itself can be a great documentation tool as well if you search something. If you have a question, chances are someone might have had it as well. And we even have a YouTube channel with lots of tutorials Babylon js - YouTube

  3. For tools I would highly recommend using the playground: (PG) This is really good for getting prototypes working and going. You can even click the save button here that will save to our snippet server. Then use the url given and share away. I think for a school project, the PG is not a bad way to go if its not massive.


Like @Necips pointed out your Dynamic terrain will be the best way to demonstrate your project. We also have a Babylon GUI system to create your HUD overlay. The Babylon GUI | Babylon.js Documentation I’m assuming you’ll use some sort of GUI to set your parameters in real-time. We even have a new GUI Editor in case you don’t want to spent time learning how to write all the nitty gritty layout code.

Hope this was a good summary for you. Let us know if you have any questions. We got your back :wink:


Hello and welcome to the community!

I think another important factor to keep in mind to set expectations of learning time is prior 3D knowledge. Do you have any kind of previous 3D experience? Know about meshes, lights, cameras, materials, transformations, etc, either by using other 3D libraries, or by using Blender, Unity or other common tools? Having the basics down helps on both learning a new framework faster and even in asking for help (because it helps you narrow down issues).

Having this knowledge is not needed for Babylon, since it was designed with all kinds of users in mind, but you have to keep in mind that learning is not going to be extremely fast, since you’d have to learn both the basics AND Babylon. :smiley: And we have this amazing community here to help answer any kind of questions, so don’t be afraid to ask!

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@fill_Rect : It depends on where you are coming from. I’m not a coder but I can use Blender. So I use the .babylon exporter where I can to check boxes to eliminate some coding eg : check collisions, isPickable, isVisible, gravity, creating instances, creating animations (from either IK or FK), only illuminating certain meshes with certain lights, choosing a camera type and light types. All of which reduces my need to add basic code

With poor coding ability, it took me three weeks to post my first project, and I’ve been around ever since. :smiley:

Stay Safe, gryff :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for the answers, these last few days I’ve been learning babylonjs, it’s very easy to learn (much easier than c / c ++), I discovered babylonjs on the recommendation of a friend, I really liked babylonjs from the beginning it’s easy to see that it is very powerful. Thank you for the tips.

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Excellent use of PI time :joy: