Share how I learned BabylonJS

First of all, thanks to the Babylon team, you are all very helpful and professional!
Now let me share my learning experience.There are three main stages
1.Look over the entire document.This phase is mainly about familiarizing yourself with the structure of the document,just know what content is in that place.This process is also the most boring, but also extremely useful.
2.Do project.Take the project draft and start working on it in your head.Imagine this: what knowledge of the document content should this feature use?Then write the project as you go through the documentation.When I run into problems, I read the documentation a few times, and try to come up with a solution and implement it, regardless of whether it fits.If I don’t know what to do, just go to the forum and ask a question, and always use Playground.
3.Review.After the project is complete, ask yourself questions about the features.For example: Are there other ways to implement this functionality? Could there be a better implementation?Then abstract away the functionality and use playgrounds in any other way I can think of.Then improve my project.
Finally, after 3 months of learning and working, I was lucky enough to complete 2 3D projects independently.
I will keep learning.