Can you say that 1 meter in VR is same as 1 meter in real world?

Hi, this question is about not only Babylon js but also any VR environment. How confident can you be about the visual perception in VR? If you see a box of size 1 meter from 5 meters away in VR, does it feel like 1 meter box from 5 meters away in the real world?

VR is obsolete, in XR, yes.


Hi JCPalmer,
Thanks for your reply. It is very nice to hear that. Could you recommend any reference materials? When using a phone based HMD(like GearVR), most of the cases you can adjust the lens and screen distance, how much do you think that affects the accuracy of spatial perception in XR experience?


It is expected that the underlying system know how to deal with any changes that the headset might undergo in order to maintain the 1 unit = 1 meter in XR.
I am not sure what GearVR allows you to change, but I assume it knows the device you are using and knows how to generate the matrices correctly in order to display XR correctly.

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Hi RaananW, thanks for you reply!

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