How to achieve the "Little Planet Intro" animation effect?

I would like to implement a “Little Planet Intro” animation effect in babylonjs, like the example in this link.

I know that babylonjs has an efficient and convenient way to achieve panoramic image roaming, (360 photo dome), but it only has a few adjustable parameters, such as its “FOV adjustment”, which can only be set in the range of 0-2.0, so I would like to know Can babylonjs use 360 photo dome to achive the “Little Planet Intro” effect? Or can it only be achieved in some other way?

I am very much looking forward to your help, thank you!

Maybe @RaananW can help with this.

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The camera’s FOV can be used with any value that makes sense.

This is a very naive approach, but it does work :slight_smile:
Babylon.js Playground (


Wow, fantastic, it’s exactly what I wanted to achieve. Thank you so much for the demonstration.

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