How to anchor mesh in photodome

I am using babylonjs to build a 360photodome scene, support vr and zoom,
I want to add a navigation function in the photodome to switch scenes. I need to anchor the navigation arrow or mesh in the photodome. Everything is fine under the default fovmultiplier, but when the mouse wheel is triggered, the fovmultiplier is changed and the anchor is changed too, fixed mesh seems to be out of the photodome, and it is particularly obvious when rotating the scene. I tracked the position in the console, and they have not changed. So what has changed that caused the mesh to appear to be moved? How can I achieve keeping the mesh anchored when the fovmultiplier is changed? (At least it seems to remain anchored)

Hi and welcome @Jacky

This was discussed in-depth very recently here:


Thank you very much !
I use camera.fov now, Best regards !