Mesh position is modified when I change of PhotoDome

Hi, I have one more question : in this babylon :
(Line 93-94). I explain, when I set the position of my mesh in front of me, the position of meshes of the next scene is what I want, but when I set the position at the right (line 94), the position of meshes of the next scene has been modified. How can I fix that? It seems like if the referential of the next scene depends on the position of the previous mesh…

I tried to set Global position but it’s not that, I don’t care if the camera is not looking at the mesh at the beginning, it’s just their position I want. And when I look at their position, it’s the exactly the position “number” I set so I think the referential has been modified… The position seems like the same when I display them, but it’s not the same on the PhotoDom, it’s like if the dome has been rotated. But it’s not that because the target camera ( (0,0,0)) is still the same. And if we rotate the dome, the camera is not looking the same target that before.

I have tested to fix alpha & beta in each scene but it’s not that, I change the camera to a FreeCamera. But it’s not that too.

PhotoDome by default initializes its rotation based on the forward vector of the active camera. When you place the sphere in a different location, it is using the active camera’s forward location which creates the new photo dome with a different rotation. You can stop this behavior by setting faceForward to false.

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Thank you, it was I wanted !

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VERY strange… that the PG URL fragment… “#FFACFW”… nearly reads “face fwd”. Weird! :slight_smile: