How to apply custom 2D texture/image on the 3D object?

I am trying to work with this 3D model of a shirt, and I want to add custom texture/fabric onto the shirt. I want to take any 2D image of any pattern of fabric and apply it onto this 3D shirt. How do I do this? When I tried it, I was struggling to work with this file. Do I need a different sort of a file? Do I need to work with just the mesh of the shirt? How do I create the mesh of it?

I was able to accomplish this manually on Blender following this YouTube video, but I want to do this with code. And with Blender, I wasn’t able to export the custom shirt I created either to render it on the web. It exported the original white shirt itself. Not sure what I am doing wrong? Sorry I am very new to all of this

I also came across this website which allows you to do exactly this, but I am not able to figure out how they are doing it. Seems like they are generating the files on the backend and then rendering it on the client side? Are they running an instance of something like Blender on the server?

This topic might help UV position problem of Dynamic Texture

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