Unable to adjust the shirt texture settings


We are trying to change shirt texture by applying some images. once we applied the image(https://i.ibb.co/Q9KY2vm/shirt.jpg) the shirt texture is completely distorted

I tried by adjusting lighting conditions ( light.intensity = 10 ) still the model shirt texture is not as per the image.

Can somebody help me in this regard

The code snippet i tried:


What do you mean “as per image”? Can you provide us with the image with the rendering you want to achieve?

The image is attached in this link https://i.ibb.co/Q9KY2vm/shirt.jpg
The texture of the image is distorted when it is applied to the model

the rendering shud look like this

applied on model

I imported your model into blender (not sure why are you loading and assigning those textures since they’re already on the model) and the rendering looks pretty much as the rendering on the Playground:

And if you look at the shirt model, it has some sculpted creases:

Which probably are generating the “distortion” you speak of depending on the position of the light.

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Actually we are looking for web solution by which we can change the textures dynamically using images. In the playground it is not clear as it looks in blender. I tried all possible ways to make it similar like rendering image(shown as seperate image) but was not successful.

Did you try to load the model into the BabylonJS Sandbox?

Your normal map does not look correct IMHO if you disable it you get

Here is the normal map:


Thanks roland…
After i imported the .glb file I selected Texture paint > changed to shirt bump.
With the above steps switched to normal map, the output did not change.

It seems the normal maps needs a little bit of ironing :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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other way around, by controlling lighting conditions can we smoothen the shirt texture

Yes, the alpha and omega of a 3D scene is proper lighting and you bet you are not the only one fighting with this to get the 3D scene looking good and cool!