How to center a texture in a node material

I am not sure if this is a bug or not.
I tried to add play button over a node material that has a video texture and I couldn’t shrink and center the play button.

Here is a pg:
And here is the nme link at the pg:

I see it is working in the nme preview screen but not on the pg. I appretiate if you can help.

Sorry, maybe I’m looking at the wrong thing, but it looks centered in the PG?

Yes but it is not shrinked

To “shrink” a texture, you can multiply the uvs by an integer, clamp the result (so it doesn’t repeat the image), then offset it so you can position on the center

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Did you check the nme link? I have done that. Even if i see it effects the nme preview, it is not effecting the pg

The UV texture values are being clamped, so they aren’t going to become smaller than a certain amount. If you take the clamping out:

Or increase the scale, it is possible to see the button changing size: