NodeMaterial Texture UV Not fit on mesh


i have a strange problem. If i use the Node Editor and load Custom obj for Preview, then all looks good.
But if i generate code, build node material in code and assign to mesh:

 mesh.material = nodeMaterial;

Then UV Coordinates are not correct on model. What can be the problem?`

This is really hard to say without a repro ? could you create one in the playground ?

Maybe the question with Screenshots: this is the Node:

How i can correct this in Node Editor?

You could try adding an extra node to do 1 - u to flip the texture horizontally

How do you mean this? How i can can flip texture horizontally?

smthg like this Babylon.js Node Material Editor

That not help, i have flip x and try x.

Not sure to understand, a repro in the playground would be great to go further


To repro in the playground, click “save as unique URL” in NME:

Then just use this codeblock, with the URL pasted in, to get the material into the playground:


@rbrose were you able to solve the problem or get a playground repro?