How to compare physics engines? Which one is better in terms of performance?

I’ve already checked docs about physics engines. They are all fit to my little project’s needs. But how to compare them in terms of performance? Which one is heavier or make less CPU load?
And vice-versa: before starting any game project I can try to fit my project to some physics engine’s requirements if I will know that it offers better performance.

cc @Cedric

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Hi @Rata_Blanca

If the physics engines all fit your needs, then I would choose the one with the smaller footprint.
Cannon is around 400Kb and Oimo 150Kb.
Now, at runtime, I don’t know which one is the best. it will depend on your use case (number and types of impostors, mainly).
When enabling the physics engine in Babylon, you can quickly switch between both and compare memory and cpu usage. Thanks to Babylon.js abstraction, it’s a quick change to do in your code.