Physics engines to drop a ball onto a model, whats the latest recommendation

I see that babylon has access to 4 physics engines. Say I want to do the following:

  • I have a model loaded
  • I want user to drop a ball over the model so that the ball rolls down through the shape of the model

what is the latest recommendation as to what is the simplest and lighter of the physics engines that would allow me to do that? I look for simplicity and light weight, thank you :slight_smile:

Question for @RaananW

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For this kind of scenario any physics engine will do. Ammo.js seems to be the most precise engine of the 3 (ammo, cannon and oimo), but is also larger in file size. I personally recommend cannon, as i find it to have a wonderful balance between features, precision, and stability.

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@RaananW wonderful thank you very much for the advice, cannon seems the way

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