How to compress heavy model(glb),fbx,obj) using Draco dynamically while rendering?

I want to dynamically upload model from the file chooser and render it on screen .I want to compress the model on uploading in my react app so that it takes less time to render it on screen.
I tried this example :
Its not working. I tried with my own hosted model but showing the same 404 Error.
If possible can somebody share the sample code to compress a model?

It is not 0.bin. Take a look in the folder

it is BarramundiFish.bin

Thank you!
Example is working fine.
But when I am changing the link with my link , its not working.
I have stored my model on azure blob storage. I have tried 2 ways :

  1. With simple .bin file of the model present on azure
  2. I have used gltf-pipeline npm and compressed the meshes using draco and then used its .gltf file
    But none is working.

Can you share your file somewhere?

This the link of my model

Yeap, this is not working, but Iā€™m not sure what are you trying to achieve.
If you want to import compressed objects in the scene then it is enough to import them as normal files, the engine is decoding the file for you, internal.
Or if you want to compress an uncompressed file you can use this tool

I have tried with normal files also but still its not working
Link of the normal file :
I just want to reduce rendering time. If I directly use this link then it takes almost 2 mins to load on the screen