How to create a Particle Stretch Effect for Warp Speed

I’m trying to accomplish a “warp-speed” effect using a cylinder particle emitter. How would I go about making the particles stretch like this example: Entering Hyperspace Stock Video - Download Video Clip Now - iStock . I would like to be able to toggle the effect on and off, and stretch the particles if the speed is fast, and leave squares if they are small. Playground:

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Click on the right part of the screen to give the focus to the display area then keep the space bar pressed to enter warp mode.

I didn’t find a clean way to do that, I had to override the Particle._inheritParticleInfoToSubEmitters method to be able to overwrite the angle property of each particle, which I set to the angle the particle has been emitted with (relatively to the center of the emission). Then, when you keep the space bar pressed, I raise the scaleX property to 10 to generate a thin rectangle that will have the right orientation thanks to the updated angle property.


I suppose it is also possible to create similar effect with SPS particles, where scaling is simpler (or “cleaner”).

Fantastic! Thank you very much :smile:

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