How to create multiple instances of merged meshes that rotate?


I have an issue that I have being struggling to solve. I’ve created a small wind turbine mesh and rotation animation. I want to create multiple of these wind turbines in the scene that all rotate. From what I read in the documentation, it seems to be best practice to create an instance of the mesh to replicate it around the scene.

However, I believe I need to merge the mesh to accomplish this. However, when I merge the meshes of my wind turbine, the rotor and blades stop spinning. Which makes sense as they are now one singular mesh that share geometry and vertices and therefore cannot rotate independently.

But I’m unsure as to how to create multiple instances of the wind turbine for my scene. I could just manually create a few more and populate the scene but I feel there should be a better way.

Here is my current working code for a single wind turbine:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello :slight_smile:

Theorically there is no need to do this, you can only instanciate the different parts if you want :

By the way, what a complex way to create a box, for the nacelle :grin:
I reverted the vertices order, since it was inverted resulting in backfaceculling

[EDIT] Just for fun : Playground Now that’s a Wind Field :joy:


Hi there,

Thanks for this, this is exactly what I needed! I couldn’t get this to work for the longest time, you make it look so simple!

I had big plans for a complex geometry for the extrude of the nacelle but as you can see I resorted to extruding a rectangle :sweat_smile: