How to debug the light source with debugging tools

like this

Just select the light in the nodes menu

I know, but I didn’t choose this one. Is it because the website can’t be completed?:joy:

I am totally not sure what you are trying to do ? and what is wrong ?

I want to debug the position of the light, and the direction of the light


but are you using a light ? or just an environment texture ? cause if you use a light select it in the nodes list so that you can change the props. If it is an env, select the env texture and you can play with its rotation.

@haoguang_shen, if you are using the sandbox, there is no default directional light in the scene. If you right click on the nodes you can add a directional light:

Then once you have the light in the scene, you can select it and modify the transform:


I dragged the model directly into the sandbox without using lights.

thank you , i will try :grinning:

Is there a better debugging tool or method? I can’t visually see the position and direction of the light, if I can directly select it in the local project, I can see it.

@haoguang_shen if you click on the eye icon next to the light, we render a 3D icon for the light in scene. You can then click on the translate or rotate icon next to the Scene header to get a gizmo to move or rotate the light.

To change the rotation of the IBL, click on scene and then on the Env. Texture link and at the bottom of the list is the rotationY for the environment.


Hi @haoguang_shen just checking in, do you still have any questions about this?