How to do an Magnetism Behavior with Particle Texture

hi guy

My expectation is I need the snow and the mesh to follow the mouse cursor where ever it goes
like the magnetic flow

this is my play ground

Can anyone help me with this

To be honest I’m not too sure what you are asking.

It sounds like you want the cube to scroll with the camera when it moves?

And you want the snow to do what?

sorry for the inconvenience @Pryme8

what I’m looking forward is like the below hyperlink, if you take a look at this website there is a snow particle system effect and a mesh henceforth when you hover on it there is an magnetic like thing going on, that’s what I’m trying to figure it out

if you see my Playground I’ve made the snow particle system effect and a sample mesh and what I need is that magnetic effect when I hover

Hmm I dont see that effect on Mobile. Will have to wait till I get on a PC to look.

thank you and I’m eagerly waiting @Pryme8

Now that I have looked at it that whole scene looks to be ray marched. I also don’t really see a magnetism effect, but if you are talking about making the particles kind of linger around the sphere that would be doable.

To recreate this specific effect from your example though you would have to dive deep into some shader code.

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Where will I find that :worried:

shadertoy and the shader book are some of the best way to learn such kind of tricks.

@wilfred all the demos you shared are almost fully shader based. You should definitely try to look into those.

Shader resources, for reference:
The Book of Shaders
The Art of Code - YouTube
Inigo Quilez - YouTube
Ray Marching, and making 3D Worlds with Math - YouTube
Coding Adventure: Ray Marching - YouTube

Ray marching/SDFs are a suuuuper fascinating subject and can be used to create super cool effects :slight_smile:


yo!, Thank you till the core you just made my day blessed, and god bless you tq :wink:

the think term you’re looking for is “3d parallax effect”

here is a simple example
.GitHub - mtluiz/3D-Parallax-Threejs: Creating parallax effect with threejs and vanilla javascript.

it looks to me like your website example is doing that, except tilting the opposite direction and randomly animating the particles.

i found a random babylon example here

however, oddly no one mentioned that babylon has a built in surface magnetism behavior. I dont think this is what you’re looking for though. .