How to export detail map to .babylon file in Maya

is it possible to add a detail map to an aiStandardSurface node in Maya so that when exported to a .babylon file the detail map is loaded in a Babylon.js scene?


cc @PatrickRyan

@Charge, as far as I am aware, there is no way to get a detail map from Maya at all. All of the materials we have definitions for (blinn-phong, stingray, aiStandardSurface) do not have any channels we can tie into for a detail map. This is the inherent problem of exporting to a file format not native to Maya is that the material definitions don’t line up with the features available in Babylon.

If you just want to load the textures for your detail map in with the glTF, you could create a quad with any material on it and then assign the extra textures you want to load with your model to that material. When you load your model, simply hide the quad the material with your extra textures is assigned to and take the texture(s) assigned to that material and assign them to the material properties you want.

This is a bit of a hack, but at least it keeps all your textures in the same file and loads them all at once rather than needing to load them separately.

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