How to export .GLB from sandbox and import to website with same configuratios

I have uploaded 3D model to sandbox, removed on sandbox background made some adjust to texture opacity and did export. After that I uploaded exported model on website its looks diffirent. How I can import 3D model with same configurations without adjusting any script?

In what way it is different? What is the website you are importing the model to?

Having some discrepancies between two different renderers (say Babylon and Three for eg) is expected as they don’t do things exactly the same way. But the rendered models should definitely be closed to each other.

If the website is using Babylon, I guess you will need to setup a repro for us to be able to help. One difference between your own Babylon project and the sandbox could be the environment texture that you either did not setup or use a different texture from the one used by the sandbox.

This thread may help: How to make model lighting/pre-processing in code the same as how a model appears in the sandbox? - #2 by PirateJC

Hello @Evgeni_Popov, I’m using babylon on website, I would like to remove background there to make it completely transparent.

I get 404 errors when browsing this page and nothing shows:

Yes, images haven’t been loading on website. Its development website. Its not the issue, the issue how to disable background on model

Ok, it seems you are using the Babylon.js viewer.

I don’t know if the background can be removed, let’s add @RaananW who may know.

It’s ok to use any other viewer, I just would like to look the same as on sandbox without background

It’s probably just a matter of environmentTexture, the one used by the sandbox is , and also, I think, the one used when calling scene.createDefaultEnvironment();

If not you can still use the helper using one of its options:

    environmentTexture: "",
    createGround: false,
    createSkybox: false,

Ok, as I understand it’s not possible to export 3D model from sandbox and uploading to website make it looks the same without any knowledge of the script?

You can configure the viewer to not have background or ground with the skybox and ground property: Configuring the Babylon.js Viewer | Babylon.js Documentation

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Thanks @sebavan, my question is. Is it possible to export model from sandbox with same configuration to website without extra configurations?

I just need help to setup 3D model on website without background

So you need to configure the viewer to not display the background with the procedure provided above

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@sebavan are you able to help me it setup with some budget.

@RaananW might be able to provide an example for it but basically it is simply disabling back and sky like:

<babylon model="" skybox="false" ground="false"></babylon>

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Thanks @sebavan, but models still looks diffirent from sandbox and website. How much you will charge to setup model to looks the same as on sandbox without background. I was able to remove background but there are still issues with model.

  1. Some white dash lines appear on website
  2. Texture unmatch
    Industrial Before_After Landscape 2021-04-07_12-19-51.png

This is the original model screenshot and I would like to embed it on website without background, with same texture, without white dashlanes

I am not able to get charged for any missions but you should post on the service and offer topic Service offers and requests - Babylon.js and I bet you ll find somebody there to help :slight_smile:

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Ok, thank you @sebavan