How to export .glb or .babylon file with Reflection Texture in StandardMaterial?

I don’t know how to export .glb or .babylon file with reflection texture just like the Demo that in website:

This Espilit demo is awesome.
I find the Glass named ‘Verres’ link to the Material named ‘Verre2’.
Reflection Texture that I can’t remove may be special.So I want to know how to export .glb or .babylon file with Reflection Texture from 3dmax of maya.

I also read the .babylon file of Espilit.

btw I export .glb from this Espilit Inspector, then I drag it into sandbox.StandardMaterial was changed to PBRMaterial ,then Specular Texture and Reflection Texture was disappeared.I don’t konw why.
Please tell me how to export .glb or .babylon file with the Texture correctly .

I’m not sure you can link a cubemap in 3dsMax/Maya to export it, but you can easily assign it once in BJS.

Gltf format will force you to use PBR materials (due to its convention). In this case, depending on your needs, the environment texture can be enough. Example:

Babylon format allow you to use Standard materials, in this case here an example about creating a reflection texture from a cubemap:
(note that you can use .babylon but still using PBRMaterials)