Max exporter dont export meshes with multi materials in shell slot?

I can export mesh with multi material assigned , but when i bake lightmap into shell material no mesh is exported , blank scene. It exports only if i set baked multimaterial to only 1 channel.

Pinging @kcoley

Shouldn’t your baked lightmaps linked into your submaterials rather than the shell one?

What do you want once inside the engine: an object with only one material (and so with a completemap) or an object with all its submaterials (and so with its lightmap assigned on each submaterial)?

Im making architectural piece so im baking completemap with vray, no lights in babylon only textures.

Hi @swavec , I’ll take a look once I finish up some pending Max exporter issues.

@swavec tracking here: Max exporter not exporting meshes with multi materials in shell slot · Issue #413 · BabylonJS/Exporters · GitHub

Hi @swavec, do you have a sample scene I can use to help repro the issue? Thanks

HI, max 2015 file and rendered multi map in shell. Im exporting glb file.

Hi @swavec I just merged a fix for this: fix shell material multi mat export by kcoley · Pull Request #431 · BabylonJS/Exporters · GitHub

Feel free to give it a try

Hi , it is working now. Any chance for fix with transparency mode :