How to export Skeleton Animation from Blender to Babylon?


I have a model downloaded from mixamo and looks good in Blender but when I try to export to Babylon (5.6 exporter) the animation runs but the mesh is distorted


Just in case, that supposed to be a dancing zombie cop

I tried with Object mode -> ctrl A and location, rotation and scale but when I do that the model jumps everywhere in Blender and Babylon.

So I assume I made a mistake when export.

How can I achieve it. Thank you all.

Pinging @Vinc3r or @gryff or @JCPalmer

And I suppose that your scale values are different than 1 ?

If so I think it’s a bad news for your skinning works: you probably have to delete your skin setup, reset transforms, and reskin.

:frowning: yes Vinc3r its 1,1,1 .I’ll try to follow your advice.

Is it that one? image

Which downloadable format have you choose? Using the fbx for unity and Unity for testing, is it workfing?

[edit] I’ve just done very few & quick tests of imports inside Blender, my guess is that the skeleton is not right generated, so it may have to be redone. But I don’t have to deal with characters, and so skinning usually, so maybe better animators could give you some advices.

Yes Is that, Thanks, I can make work the animation, but not the skin. Anyway, tour replay helps me to understand more about it. Thank you.