Blender to BabylonJS problem

I’ve been trying to export a character rigged in mixamo to .babylon for hours now, I keep getting this error:

everytime I apply all transforms to everything and export it still says there’s un-applied transforms and then resets all the transforms to before I applied them.

After countless attempts, there was one time I tried and it exported, so I tested it and it looked like this:

It’s all messed up.

Yesterday I followed the documentation exactly and used ybot and it was working perfectly, I even skipped the “rename to ybot@stuff.fbx” part and it still worked, its just today I decided to use another character.

I honestly don’t know what’s going on, I’ve rarely used Blender since 2.79 so maybe I didn’t check an option or something?

If you upload your .blend file, we could try looking into this

blender file, babylon export and rig fbx

Could you also upload one of the skinless .fbx files for one animation (e.g. Idle)?

I just updated it. But I had to move the bones a little because even though I downloaded mixamo’s version of the character rig and the animation skeletons still using that character as a preview, it still messed up a little at import.

In a new Blender file, I just imported SKUE4.fbx and Idle.fbx, but there are issues with the animation in Blender. Have you seen this too?

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I know, if you download the animation with skin it fits but it wasn’t according to the documentation so I had to copy the positions of the bones to the rig without skin. Let me upload one with skin.

just did

I get this error sometimes as well with mixamo characters and animations. When you play an animation in babylon.js they look all spaghetti like. It turns out the the skin job (bone weights) are not that clean on some models from mixamo… What i do to get around this use my Maya Art Tools to reskin (create and apply a new skin cluster) the model … i can also combine skinned mesh pieces as well.

Maybe you can do something like that in blender… Re skin the model with 4 bone influencers

That works for me and why i created the reskin tool :slight_smile:

Check a video i made some time ago:


This is very useful, it can simplify by combining all those extra meshes together while still keeping the bone weights and materials, how would I even do that in blender?