Spaghetti Mesh - Mixamo rig

I downloaded some Mixamo animations and i wanna add the skeleton to my own mesh.
The point is that in blender the mesh looks good, but exported i get weird distorsions (including in sandbox), i tried lots of things but none worked (the only thing that worked was to export as *.glb, but i need .babylon). My request is if there is anyone who can fix my sht, i know that i need to apply scale 1 and rotations 0 to the armature, the only thing i need is correct animations, i rescale my models in the engine. If i can do that i could the apply the skeleton to other meshes to create monsters and npc’s.

This is the model

Pinging @JCPalmer who is the overlord of the babylon exporter for Blender

piss on Mixamo

Exactly what i wanted to hear. I’m out.
Even if i get my shit right, all rotations to 0, and scales to 1, then apply all transformations, the exporter will apply the old scale and screw my animations

Why can’t you use glb?

I thought I had a solution for you then I realized you said you could not use glb…

'Cause you can’t really rotate, position or scale them. And i have to edit my blend file to create AnimationGroups for babylon, you can’t use blending animations (as i know) and skeleton.beginAnimation should be changed to from that group.
Correct me if i am wrong

Transformations before export:

Transformations after export:

So the question is why is this happening? I applied all transformations to both, skeleton and mesh

What happens if you export them as action strips, or what ever method this guy is using?

Whatever i do, animations are distorted

@Nevergrind : I took a look at your file - quite a collection of animations (54?) and a lot of bones (41?) for such a low poly character. I take this is what you are looking for (see image below):

You can download my .babylon file. Unzip it and drop the babylon file and texture into the sandbox, select “Skeletons->Armature”, scroll down the right panel and hit “Play” (566.2 KB)

I assume that is what you are after.

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:



Yep, all animations are from mixamo, got quite a lot of them. So how i fix that now? I need all animations 'cause i load the mesh with skeleton from one file, and the skeleton with animations from another file. I am still trying to fix that…

I need all animations 'cause i load the mesh with skeleton from one file

Well , the first thing I would do is look critically at those animations. Do you really need a “sleep” animation that is 200+ frames long, a “pickup” animation that is 180+ frames, or an “idle” animation that is 300+ frames ? And then there are animations that are just 1 or 2 frames often the same … and how many “die” animations do you need?

So think about that first.

i load the mesh with skeleton from one file, and the skeleton with animations from another file

Step 1: I assume that means you have a mesh and rig file with no animations Make sure that you apply the scale and rotation to the rig (do that first) and then the mesh. Save that file - call it basic

Step 2: Now take a file with the animations, and export each animation that you really want to a .bvh file When you export just set the start and end parameters. Tedious job - which is why I suggest looking at the animations that are really necessary.

Step 3: Download and install this retarget addon in Blender

Open your basic mesh and rig file that you saved above, hit N in the main screen and the addon will appear on the right under the BVH tab.

Step 4: Select the Armature and use the addon to load and re-target those saved BVH files to the basic file - then save that file with a different name.

Step5: Now export your files to .babylon to test. One with just the mesh and rig, one with just the skeleton and animations. You are on your own from there.

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:

Ok, didn’t read, doing it now, i need many “die” animations 'cause i want randomness. But one animation is enough. i’m starting right now