How to find pointer in “ACCESSOR_INVALID_FLOAT” error

Hi, I realize this may be more specific about glTF, but I thought I’d ask here as well, the Khronos forums are not so lively.

I have a glb that has 12 errors with the code below.
I’m looking for more information about this gltf validation error. I’m thinking it’s related to normal maps values not being normalized. This pointer “/accessors/386”, can it be used to see which material this is happening in? Thank you

“message”: “Accessor element at index 7729 is NaN.”,
“severity”: 0,
“pointer”: “/accessors/386”


can you share the model?

Adding @bghgary

I uploaded it here. It has 12 errors, all same pointers.

I’m on the Khronos forums also, so there is no need to cross post. :slight_smile:

This error is literally what it says. The value in the accessor at index 7729 is NaN.

If you look in vscode, you can inspect the values:


The index in the validator is the float index where as the index in the vscode inspect data pane is element index. Since this is a VEC2, the float index needs to be divided by 2 to get the element index.

If you would like more context in the validation results, it would be best to post an issue to the glTF Validator repo: Issues · KhronosGroup/glTF-Validator (


For this specific asset, the accessor in question is 386. If you search for 386 in the glTF, you’ll find that:


which is for:


Hope that helps.


Thank you for the insight!

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