How to generate an personal link

hello all,

I am evolving an idea of building an application in which the users will choose an template, make some personal adjusts on it, saves this version and sent a personal link to who they wants to grants access. The templates will be BJS files which I know how to load, change and save, but I do not know how to generate an personal link or maybe an URL parameters loading.

Somebody has ideas to help?

Thanks for the attention

This is really similar to what we do for the playground:

  • On the server side, you need a database that generates unique ID
  • This ID are used to complement your URl (like: Babylon.js Playground where #AB7SCS is the unique ID)
  • Every time your user saves it will generate either a new key or a variation like AB7SCS#1, AB7SCS#2, etc…


Yes, it is! But I need to save pictures the users will upload too, and for what I know, this is not possible in PG. It is by design or there are some related technical issue.


this is by design, i believe it’s due to storage and server costs, it’ll quickly get out of hand, so people have to host pictures on CORS enabled third parties, like github.

Furthermore there’s the whole licensing issue, and it can be slightly complicated to implement such a feature safely and effectively

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OK @aWeirdo,

Thanks for the answer!