How to get fps value

Hello there, how to get a variable with the current number of frames per second (fps)? What is the most efficient way? I need it mainly to evaluate, recognize the situation when the fps drops so much that the game is unplayable.

You can get the fps by running engine.getFps(). I would recommend running this in your engine.runRenderLoop function and updating a HTML element you put over the top of everything.


In addition to engine.getFps().
The simplest way to know FPS is just to open the Inspector

Also, below is the button which is called “Open Realtime Perf Viewer” - a fantastic visual performance debugging tool which can help you easily identify performance issues and hiccups in your scene. More info here - The Performance Profiler | Babylon.js Documentation

And, finally, one may use some simple bookmarklet as here - Babylon.js Playground