How to get memory usage, cpu usage and graphics card memory usage?

I want to get the memory usage information, cpu usage information, graphics card memory usage information of my 3D application, what should I do? babylonjs does not provide an interface to obtain this information.

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You’ll only get limited information from the browser for a number of reasons (security being one of them, I think).

You can get information about memory and javascript via window.performance.memory, but this is not implemented in Safari / Firefox.

For CPU/GPU usage, you have the scene/engine instrumentation: Optimizing Your Scene | Babylon.js Documentation

And for GPU memory, there’s nothing (at least from the browser’s point of view - you can find native applications that will tell you GPU memory usage)!


I’m new to babylonjs. I want to make sure that GPU usage is corresponding to gpuFrameTimeCounter?What about the cpu usage? Could you please tell me more specific

Yes, the GPU usage for the current frame can be found in gpuFrameTimeCounter.

For the CPU, you have some counters in the scene instrumentation class:

Most of these counters are displayed in the Inspector:


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thank you!!